International Advanced Diploma In Dental Implantology

Who is it for?

This postgraduate program is indicated to dentists, oral surgeons, stomatologists and maxillofacial surgeons that want to improve their surgical skills and update their knowledge in the field of implantology.

  • Modality:
  • ECTS/Certification:
    Máster: 120
  • Places:
  • Venue:
    Londres, Madrid and New York
  • Date:
    Start date:

    End date:

  • A unique International University Master course developed in London/Madrid/New York University, with renowned worldwide speakers.
  • Accreditated by one of the most prestigious International Universities in Spain (UCAM) with 120 ECTS.
  • To offer a comprehensive educational program in evidence based dental implantology with the latest technology and innovations
  • To provide a practical implant training pathway with access to a large variety of cases from simple to complex
  • Hands-on, treatment of patients provided by the University under supervisión of well-experienced tutors


  • 18 modules (8 modules of 3 days in London, 10 modules of 3 days in Madrid, over 2 years)
  • 2 modules (1 Intensive week) at New York University.
  • Portfolio of cases to be defended by the end of 2 year period.
  • Optional: After succesful completion of the Advanced Diploma, students could choose to apply towards the European Master Degree in Advanced Dental Implantology (60 ECTS over a 9 month period) consisting of:


  • 51 ECTS of online lessons, workshops, assignments and work-based related exercises covering topics such as bioethics, bibliographic search, epidemiological studies, evidence based dentistry,…)
  • Viva examination on an original piece of research -Thesis Project (9 ECTS)
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Direction / Faculty

Specific competences:

  • Know and understand oral surgery within the broad context of the patient as a functional unit, which requires comprehensive treatment.
  • Know and understand the necessary bases for the knowledge of the surgical processes related to implantology.
  • Know and understand the necessary knowledge so that they can deepen in the field of dental prostheses and acquire a diagnostic criterion in greater depth, as well as a more concrete knowledge of current techniques.
  • Know and understand the processes of functional and aesthetic restoration both partial and complete over implants.
  • Know and understand the techniques and materials used in complete, partial prostheses, both fixed and removable.
  • To know and understand the oral rehabilitations of low, medium and high complexity based on scientific evidence.
  • Know and understand all the characteristics of the materials and technologies that are currently available to provide a treatment with an adequate and predictable aesthetic result.
  • Be able to identify and prevent or treat the risk factors present in each patient (predisposing and/or triggering).
  • Be able to identify alterations, pathologies or special characteristics that must be treated in collaboration with other health sciences specialists.
  • Be able to identify the patient’s individual physical, mental and/or social characteristics that may condition the treatment plan and/or its timeliness.
  • Be able to plan an appropriate treatment plan and a logical therapeutic sequence for real patients, as well as acquire the ability to present and defend, in clinical session, the results of their work.
  • Learn a great variety of techniques in basic and advanced implantology.
  • Know and understand the processes of guided surgery and ridge expansion.
  • Know and understand the surgical and prosthetic protocols.
  • Know the protocol of immediate postextraction function and provisionalization.
  • Learn techniques of advanced surgery.
  • Know the combined treatments of these processes.
  • Understand the role of the implantologist and the periodontologist within a multidisciplinary team.
  • Know the different therapeutic orientations and / or the different therapeutic protocols that are possible when planning the treatment of different clinical situations.


  • Degree

  • Personal data

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  • 16-24 delegates maximum per intake
  • 20 modules – 120 ECTS
  • Course fees for 2 year Advanced Diploma: 25.500 £ / 30.000 €
  • Reservation 2000 £ / 2400€
  • 10.000 £ / 11800 € per academic year 1
  • 13.500 £ /15.800 € per academic year 2
  • Additional 60 ECTS towards Master Degree: 9000 £



Modality Semipresencial

Enrollment reservation:

Price: Free!

Information and enrollment

  • E-mail: info@odontologiaucam.com
  • Phone: 950 340 531
  • Whatsapp: 696 837 979
  • Working hours: Monday to friday from 09:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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